Thursday, November 04, 2004

Days 55-56

I do carts now. Carts in the cold.

I'm still a cashier, but for the last two nights, I've been out in the cold after 8 o'clock, because most of the cart pushers have quit. They don't get much encouragement or respect, cleaning up that parking lot rain or shine, all they get is an ass-crack wage and the satisfaction of a job well done. Which really just amounts to an ass-crack wage (1+0 still equals 1).

I can't say I get paid great ($6.70), but starting wage for a cart pusher (or "stockman" as they're euphemistically called round here) is probably hovers around $6.00. It's mostly young guys, who can find better jobs just by walking out there front door and yawning. In other words, we don't offer them much incentive to stay, let alone apply in the first place.

So they make the young male cashier do it at night sometimes. But as far as I'm concerned, it's not a bad job. I get paid for being a cashier, and I get out of the hypocritical world of fake "hellos" and "how ya doings?" I get some time to think and walk around and get paid. The best part is that I don't have a supervisor, which is more like most job I've had. I work best when I know I'm not being watched. When it's up to me and myself to do a good job.

Plus, you get to use the electric cart-stacking thingy, which pushes the carts for you. It's even got a remote control.


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