Saturday, October 23, 2004

Day 45

Short night tonight, but not short enough to stay free of trouble.

It seems that on Thursday night, I (nearly) broke the law. Two fine citizens came through my line, purchasing a variety of products. Two such products were cold medicines. Federal and sate laws prohibit me from selling too much of a certain substance in cold pills to one customer (because it can be used in the making of meth or something). So the register let me know that this customer couldn't purchase it. I told her, then set if off the side. her companion asked if he could purchase it, instead, and according to my training, this was okay. So I rand it up seperately for him afterwards, and poof! Everything seemed okay.

Only they weren't. The head CSM came to me and asked me about the incident today. I let her know that it was two seperate customers, and that they didn't use the same credit card to pay. She understood, but mentioned something about how the security cameras could confirm my story (if they could, why not watch the tape before you talked to me?). then she gave me a little advice: even though what I had done was perfectly legal, if it happened again, I should suggest the cutomer that he purchase the medicine at another registar. Because that wouldn't raise any red flags in the system. In other words, next time you almost break the law, be sneaky about it.


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