Friday, October 15, 2004

Day 37

Danielle's nephew turned out to be alright. But while talking with her during the slow down at night, I got sent somewhere else, in order to earn my keep. Oh management, how do I love thee?

They had me zone the bargain aisle tonight, and what a mess. It was funny, because the night before I had visited Target after dinner, and noticed just how clean and spacey everything was, only to clean this unmitigated disaster of an aisle where everything was piled atop of everything else.

Now the problem isn't was that the aisle was just an eyesore; it's that we haven't cordoned off enough space for markdowns. This whole problem could be averted if we expanded the aisle to the opposite side -- management would save precious man-hours spent re-organizing every single night if they would just give the area a little more space, so that people wouldn't have to dig to the back of the markdowns in order to find other more covetous markdowns. This is simple ergonomics people. Get on the bus!

Today's Sales: $2,000


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