Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Days 33-35

Three nights in a row. All ending at 11:00, but each starting 15 minutes later than the last one. But night three, I worked only four hours. Daily sales weren't even worth mentioning.

One night, however, I got to talk too Danielle, another cashier my age, between customers, which don't really exist after 10:00pm. She was a little upset, becuase her 5-year-old nephew had gotten hit in the head with a baseball bat by the nieghbor kid. And it was the second time it happened. The first time, when her sister told the dad of the neighbor kid what happened, he replied, "Well, that'll teach him not to get in the way of of a bat."

And this man can vote in an election.

Anyway, her nephew had been taken to the hospital, but not just any hospital, the children's hospital, because of the seriousness what could be a major injury. Danielle didn't know anything about how he was of what was going on, and it was all kind of scary.

It's funny that it takes this for me to finally have a real conversation with someone around here. Don't get me wrong, half the people here are genuinely nice friendly, but no one ever talks about real life. I overheard a conversation yesterday between to co-workes who were bitching about how they wanted a Friends reunion or something. And they were passionate about it.

I hope Danielle's nephew is okay. And that he grows up to work somewhere where people talk about real things, and not about how they'd give anything to see how Chandler and Monica's baby turns out. I hope he never even sees a sitcom in his entire life. And that he personally writes legislation that bans the lugh track from network TV.

This kid has some future.


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