Saturday, September 25, 2004

Day 17

Slowday today. Yesterday just seemed crazy busy, but today was different. It probably helped that instead of working 10-7pm, I did 4:30pm-1:30am. Which means this day went well into Sunday.

After the rush, most of the night was spent talking to other cashiers and "zoning." Zoning is the Wal-Mart term for making sure everything n your little aisle is straight and in order, making sure there are no items that don't belong. Those little items right before the register get picked up thenput down n the wrong place, and ots of times, customers will leave something they picked up in while in the store on top of the bubble gum or under the beef jerky because they decided they didn't want it. It's just a little window into what makes our compnay work.

Incidentally, I learned that those little items right before the register are called "impulse buys" today. meaning, you pick them up without giving a thought to whether or not you really need and/or want it, dropping it into your cart becuase you're just about to check out. I'm guessing we make loads off of them. Those Wal-Mart execs are tricky little bastards.

As a change of pace, they used me as a people greeter today, while the real greeter went on her lunch break. So I got to great for an hour, which was fun, but I can't imagine how boring it must be to do it for an entire 8 hours. I think I'd go crazy and cuss at someone just to make things interesting. So that's why I'm not a people greeter.

Good thing.

Today's Sales: $8,000


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