Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Day Six

No word yet on the old drug test (or is it a tox screen?). I called to find out the results a little after 4:00, and the personel office had already left for the day! Bunch of lazy, no good....

So tomorrow. Tomorrow I know if they want me or not. Mostly, I think they will. But then I think, maybe I didn't give the right further comments during my interview to my responses on the aptitude test. Or maybe I will somehow fail the drug test because I ate some weird mushroom (on accident, because I generally loathe mushrooms) and will not be hired, having to wait one year before I can even apply again (official Wal-Mart policy; if I had failed to be tested at the facility 24 hours after my interview, I would have had to wait for a year as well). All this is way too weird. Do I really want to work for Wal-Mart?

Oh God, I'm going to hate this job.


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