Thursday, September 23, 2004

Day 15

Today was my first day all on my own. Well, kind of. I had to keep calling over a CSM to help me out on certain things, so I wasn't really on my own. Only when things were going okay, which surprisingly was most of the time. As a reward (though I go the feeling that most cashiers hate doing this), they let me out of the store to help the guys gather carts for the last hour or so.

There are so many stinkin' CSMs that it's impossible to develop any kind of boss-emplyee relationship. The ones at the beginning of your shift are different from the ones at the end of your shift, there are different ones almost every day, and they all have very different personalities, so you never know how they're going to respond when you need help. Some swoop in, ready to lend a helping hand when needed. Some are reluntant to leave their little alcove, and saunter over, hoping you figure things out before they get there. Still others have a but of a superier air, and are glad to help, ifg only to prove how much they know about everything in the world to both the cashier in need and the customer who is waiting.

I kind of hate those last ones most. I was hoping that by working at Wal-Mart, I could get away from superior-types. But what I've quickly discovered is that you don't have to like art house films and the Talking Heads to be an elitist. You can also know how to run a cash register better than anyone else.

Is this absurd? Because I have a distinct feeling that it is, and that I'm not the only one feels this way. But maybe I'm imagining things.

Today's Sales: $6,000


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