Thursday, September 16, 2004

Day Seven

So I got the job. You're looking at the newest cashier for Wal-Mart. Yes, that's going to be me in the sharp blue vest, bagging groceries and counting change.

And here's what was weird: I called the personel office, talked to Grace, and never heard those magic words. Here's the conversation:

Grace: Hello?
Me: Hi, this is ------, I interviewed a couple of days ago and was wondering if the results of my drug test were back.
Grace: Let me check (silence for a few moments)......Yes, here they are. So we have an orientation schedlued for Sudnay, would you be able to make it to that?
Me: (fumbling, because I didn't expect the jump from A to D) Ummm....this sunday?
Grace: Yes, this Sunday. Will that work?
Me: (still fumbling, and a little over the top enthusiastic) Yeah, umm....that'll be perfect.
Grace: Good, be here at ten and bring two forms of ID.
Me: Okay....
Grace: Bye.
Me: Um...okay, bye.
(end of call)

So, you might be wondering when I was hired. So am I. No, "You passed!" or "You're hired!" or "Welcome to the team!" I'm more than a little dissapointed. They couldn't even ask me if I wanted to accept their offer, because no freaking offer was made! It was all too anti-climatic.

I feel a little jipped. Plus, I work for Wal-Mart.

This is not the best way for them to start our relationship.


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