Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Days 12-13

I won't usually lump days together like this, but since not much was different between the two, I figured I could cheat this once.

Monday was my first real day. I got there early, and headed to the front of the store, where I met a CSM (Customer Service Manager) who assigned me to watch other cashiers do their jobs. That first day was four hours of watching, followed by an hour of CBLs on the computer ("Bloodborne Pathogens"; "Hazard Communications" (announcement codes for natural disasters, bomb threats, kidnappings, etc. that might come over the loud speakers), "Personal Protect Equipment"; and "Becoming a Cashier." Lots of short movies to watch, lots of fake inicidents to learn from, lots of ways to get Hepititus.

Tuesday was a longer shift (7 hours), so I watched for a while, took some CBLs ("Learning the Essentials I"; "Learning the Essentials II"; "Electronic Article Surveillance" ('where we spy on products, not people'); and "Customer Safety."

Near the end of the day, "Chattty Kathy" (one of the cashiers) let me use her register for a few minutes while she critiqued me. It was so incredibly nerve wracking, but I loved it! After my lunch break, I asked for my own register, and finished the last hour on my own. One of the ladies I trained with the night before was surprised they let me go solo that quickly. I'm not sure I was ready; mostly I was just bored with watching, and thought, "What the heck. Let's try it out."

And nothing blew up. So that's got to count for something, right?


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