Sunday, October 17, 2004

Day 39

Oh Sunday, my Sunday.

Woke up a little worse for wear, but not throwing up, which was awesome sign number one for the day. 8:30 is early to man a register, but not too early for spying!

The first two hours just kind of dragged. But once you can get past 11:00, all hell breaks loose. Customer after customer, with nothing on their mind but themselves. Ego-centricism, meet Capitalism. You two should have beautiful children.

We must have been short-handed today, because my CSM was manning one of the registers during the rush. Unfortunately for me, that meant that when my lunch break rolled around at noon, there was no one to tell me to go. I figured I could stay on for as long as she was on. But eventually, another CSM showed up, and I casually asked her if I could take a break. I left for lunch at 1:45.

Today, for the first time, I noticed that there are sky-lights in Wal-Mart. Before the rush, I found myself staring around a lot, and noticed the ceiling. It's hard to tell for some reason, because of the way the light filters through, but there is real light in the store. Sometimes. The glass or plastic is so thick that you can't see anything through it, and the fluorescent lights are on throughout the day, drowning out the sunlight, but it's there. Just in a sick, unstylish kind of way.

After lunch was a breeze, because I had less than two hours before I got off. The only news is that I think one of the CSMs my age was kind of flirting with me. It was weird, and I laughed at loud, kind of nervous like, so it weirded her out, too. But even's even. And at the end of the day, I've just managed to make one more girl feel uncomfortable around me.

Mission accomplished.

Today's Sales: $7,000


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