Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Day 41

Things get left all over Wal-Mart, in places they don't belong. Instead of a general policy of If you see something out of place, put it back for Wal-Mart Associates, we just pile everything behind the Customer Service desk in shopping carts (moderately sorted), which get sent back to their respective departments at night. Sometimes, cashiers have the pleasure of taking certain carts back, and returning the items to their proper resting places. Out of everyone who works at Wal-Mart, cashiers are expected to really know where everything in the store goes (that's why we get paid the big bucks), so this process helps.

If things are slow up front, and most of the returns are done, CSMs will sometimes us around the high-traffic aisles to clean things up or "zone." A few night ago, I zoned the clearance aisle, which has absolutely no rhyme or reason. Tonight, I helped zone the Halloween aisles, which while more logically ordered, were still just as messy. Customers have no respect for property that isn't theirs. It was a near disaster. And this happens every night. I'm turning into one of those teachers who thinks their job would be ideal if there were no students -- except replace students with customers.

If this job doesn't kill me, one of the customers will, in self-defense, as I snap, leaping over some counter to throttle them. It will all happen so fast, and no will understand how it could happen to someone like me. He was such a nice guy. How tragic.

Until then, I'll keep zoning. Which, even though it isn't exactly "fun city," is so less stressful than register. And I will never turn down the chance to do something else besides standing behind that counter, bagging people's groceries, while they watch my every move like birds of prey, waiting for me to mess up in the slightest of ways.

I hate money.

Today's Sales: $3,000


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