Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Day 69

While I was cleaning the registers tonight (it was slow), a customer started verbally attacking another cashier about how much Wal-Mart marks up their merchandise from China and how they're putting people out of business and how they are the devil. Thank God for PBS. You're story's only maybe 10 years too late.

Myself and this other cashier know these things. To be honest, we don't like Wal-Mart very much. But it's our job. They pay us to work, and we do. What that customer didn't realize was twofold. 1) We don't run Wal-Mart. We operate cash machines and get yelled out when we're $10 short after an eight hour day. We push carts when we don't have enough stockmen because they all quit due to low pay and little encouragement. We bag your groceries, because 2) YOU decide to shop here. YOU decide to buy Chinese products, made in sweat shops, that make them cheaper than American made goods. If you really cared enough to shout at us, you would have bought the more expensive cabinets from Souder rather than the cheap foreign-produced piece of trash you had in your cart.

Wal-Mart exists because, like it or not, people want it. We are capitalists, who answer to stockholders, who want money, money, money. And we answer by selling crap from foreign countries who don't have our labor laws. Don't yell at the cashier. Be constructive. Support union products and services. Vote Democrat. Pass around petitions in your local communities. Use your wallet to show your loyalty to your country.

Or be a whore like us and shop at our store. It's your choice, asshole.


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