Thursday, February 03, 2005

Day 147

They put in me electronics all by my lonesome tonight. Also, I felt like making out with someone.

So Vicki was really peppy tonight. And asked me where I'd been the past couple of weeks. So it wasn't just me -- we haven't seen each other much. Which is stupid, because she's one of the five or so CSMs I really like seeing.

Then I had been up front for maybe 45 minutes before I got yanked back to electro. My last customers were a couple of high school girls buying McDonalds with a Wal-Mart shopping card. They were short like three Dollars, so I just let them go without paying the rest. I will be short tonight now, but do not care much.

Stevo was back in electro running the cell-phone desk, but he left at nine. Boredom. Then I almost sold a $1,000 TV, but first I couldn't get our moutning panel off because none of the screwdrivers worked, then the customer's card got declined. Bummer.

So that's that. What? You expect magic every time I write? Go read a book.