Thursday, December 16, 2004

Day 97

This message popped out of my receipt printer when I logged. Straight from the home office to my very fingertips!

Gift card activations will peak now through Christmas. Gift cards will be the number one gift item for Christmas this year. You can help make Gift cards a huge success this holiday season. Here a few suggestions that will help ensure that our Gift card season will be a success: *Make sure that you have extra quantities of Gift cards at your register. *Be aggressive on suggestive selling of Gift cards: ask the customer if they would like to purchase a Gift card for the "Perfect Gift."

Ha! I laugh in the face of perfect gifts! Real weird. Especially when we're just getting by doing the bare essentials of our job: smile, lift, scan, bag, repeat. Now we're supposed to be chatty and aggressively suggest gift cards in addition to the piles of crap customers are buying. And what the ef does it mean to aggressively suggest anything? Do we use bribery, blackmail, coercive force? To what lengths will we go?

We are dangerous ruffians, pushing gift cards in the faces of our customers, raping, pillaging and burning the countryside in our wake. All for Mr. Sam. Always for Mr. Sam.


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