Saturday, April 30, 2005

Getting to know Anna. Plus, Lee Scott talks from his ass.

Another saturday, but this time with conversations.

Anna works in electronics. I gave her a break tonight, and then got to talk with her and Jenny for a few minutes before I went back to the front. Anna likes Death Cab, Wilco and Pedro the Lion. I haven't met someone new with the same interest in music as me since maybe 2003. So this was exciting. Also, she is my age amd not old or cranky. So many things to rejoice about. So little motivation to type about them.

Additionally, before work I researched some awful facts abot Wal-Mart's health care. Maybe later I will put up some links, but probably not. Just do a search for Wal-Mart, health care and Georgia's Peachcare program to get you started. Lee Scott has said sme pretty absurd things about how Wal-Mart can't "compete" with state welfare programs and that perhaps some Wal-Mart associates would be better off turning to the state for care.

Oh such wonderful love we show to each other in Christian charity!


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