Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Day 138

The effing power went out tonight. I had only been there for like an hour, when poof! Vamoos son of bitch! We checked out everyone in record time on the generator's power. Then stood around for a couple of minutes. Then it was off to the races to save the frozen and refrigerated foods from spoiling. We took the bags of ice from the front and loaded it into carts, where others took it to the grocery section. Afterwards, the cashiers cleaned some and joked around. Some people were dancing. Someone tried to start the Wal-Mart cheer -- the first time I've seen it performed at my store. We didn't get past the squiggly.

They sent me to electronics after a while, to babysit. Me and electronics girl were the only thing standing between thousands of dollars of merch and....other Wal-Mart associates. We were guarding the plasma screen TVs from our peers. Shows how much they trust us.

Sadly, the power came on before our shifts were up. I liked to talking to electronics girl; she's the cat's pajamas. I want to give her mix cds without weirding her out. How to be friends in the workplace is one of life's great mysteries.

So is the popularity of smooth jazz. But that's another post entirely.


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